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7 ways to make aging-in-place upgrades that won’t reduce your home’s resale value

The topic of this article is interesting: retaining your home's value while making it more age-friendly. However, it takes some odd twists. My comments are below.

1. Use temporary ramps. Only if you have a short term need. Otherwise, you need to figure out a proper access solution. How about using a graded entry?

2. Have one-floor living. This is ok, but not necessary. As long as the four key function areas (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and laundry) are on the main level, you can have as many floors in a home as you want.

3. Good bathroom design. Like the zero-threshold shower. Like avoiding built-in seats. I'm not yet on board with grab bars being a selling point for most people. But they can be removed and plugged anyway. Better to have the newly popular built-in handholds, at least as starter grab bars.

4. We love accessory dwellings, whether within the primary residence or as a free standing unit.

5. Also thumbs up to drawer bases and pantry style storage.

6. Lighting - Like added, higher footcandle lighting.What do you think?

For full article and to learn more click HERE

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