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Accessibility standards in the US have been around for nearly 60 years. They are too often functional minimums and still orient us towards special "Design for Disabilities" rather than normative, integrated design for everyone for the lifespan. However enforcement of the standards has resulted in a much more accommodating non-residential built environment. The links below will connect you to the two most relevant accessibility standards as well as to a universal design implementation strategy, ISUD.


The Ronald L. Mace Universal Design Institute is a non-profit organization based in North Carolina dedicated to promoting the concept and practice of accessible and universal design. The Institute's work manifests the belief that all new environments and products, to the greatest extent possible, should and can be usable by everyone regardless of age, ability, or circumstance.


The Institute's sister initiative, Better Living Design is changing the way homes and home products are designed, built and remodeled to better meet the needs of everyone at every life stage. 

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