• Richard Duncan

Let the Accessible Adventure Begin!

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The great thing about accessible places and trails is that they are also very family friendly. The other thing about accessible places is that you never really know how accessible they are. We don’t know how well researched the places are. So keep that in mind. Please share your experiences at these locations. 

We hope to fill this series with lots of beautiful, accessible and family friendly trails and would love to hear from you - Have you trekked them? Do you have an accessible spot to add to the list? What is your favorite part?

This week we begin in our own beautiful Asheville, NC backyard!

Next week we head further south to Florida...stay tuned!

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The Ronald L. Mace Universal Design Institute is a non-profit organization based in North Carolina dedicated to promoting the concept and practice of accessible and universal design. The Institute's work manifests the belief that all new environments and products, to the greatest extent possible, should and can be usable by everyone regardless of age, ability, or circumstance.


The Institute's sister initiative, Better Living Design is changing the way homes and home products are designed, built and remodeled to better meet the needs of everyone at every life stage. 

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