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Minimal Bathroom

Adapting Homes

At some point in our lives, many of us may have the choice of whether and how to renovate and modify our homes to accommodate our current or anticipated functional needs. We sometimes call this the “Move or Improve” decision. We have to decide how much we are willing and able to pay and how accommodating our home will be at the end. The resources here will help you decide what to do.


These resources will also help you figure out if you might be better off looking for a home that might be easier to modify than the home that you are living in right now. You may find that sometimes, even if you spend a lot of money, the result in your current home won’t really meet your needs.


·  Can you get the key functions areas (usable kitchen, full bathroom, laundry, and bedroom) on a reachable level?

·  Will you need an addition, or an elevator?

·  Can you get into the house with an elegant graded entry or do you have to put up with a ramp or lift?


We want you make informed decisions about how to modify your home most effectively but we also want you to know when you should shift your focus to another dwelling, if that is best for you.

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