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Housing Options for Aging in Place: Accessory Dwellings

This fall, AARP is pleased to be sponsoring an important collaboration to improve housing opportunities for older adults in Buncombe and surrounding Counties.  This initiative, Housing Options for Aging in Place: Accessory Dwellings, is aimed at fulfilling important components of Buncombe County’s Aging Plan: building new housing and remodeling existing homes to better accommodate our region’s growing population of older adults.


Our primary partner in Buncombe County is a coalition of organizations and individuals, the Housing Options for Aging in Place working group. Working together with the HOAP working group, we intend that the HOAP:Accessory Dwellings project will engage city and county elected officials, agency staff, the for profit and non profit housing sector, and county residents of all ages.  This fall’s initiative will bring awareness to the community of the importance of creating accessory dwelling units (ADU's) and all the ways ADU's can be created.

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