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Design Lead

Hannah, owner of Greentree Studio, is a residential designer focused on sustainability, universal and age-friendly design. While in graduate school she pursued her interests in sustainable and inclusive design through work with both the Center for Universal Design and NC Solar Center. On graduation she joined Ellen Cassilly Architects (ECA) in Durham, NC, where she was involved with several adaptive reuse projects and earned her LEED AP.

While at ECA she maintained ties with the Center for Universal Design and later the RL Mace Universal Design Institute.

In 2020, she expanded her portfolio at UDI and has worked on a wide variety of projects including development of the Better Living Design Guidelines, Durham ADU Initiative; and most recently led age-friendly ADU competitions in partnership with the cities of Raleigh, NC and Omaha, NE. Hannah earned her Bachelor’s in Art History from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and her Master’s in Architecture from NC State University.

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